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we still use a simple text field for naming custom fields, while this is a
special field which should not contain spaces or special chars. Do you plan
to change this, or is there a way to call the custom field ID instead of its



  1. We use custom field ID to address it in database (e.g. table
    CategoryCustomDate, field l1_cust_2) , so it's no big deal to use how user
    will name that custom field, because it won't break anything.

  2. my question was related to the displayong or use of this customs fields on
    front end.

    for example, in a form, we have

    <inp2:m_RenderElement name="inp_edit_options" prefix="l"
    field="cust_LinkCountry" title="lu_fld_Country"/>

    cust_LinkCountry is made of cust_ + custom field name, that's why I ask
    propose to eliminate this source of problem. It's a not a big deal now, but
    the more users we'll have, the more case they'll report on something which
    "appears" like a bug, but is not at all.

    2010/5/19 Alexander Obuhovich <>:

  3. Ok, let's validate then. What symbols are allowed:

       - latin letters
       - numbers

  4. Yes, it's a good idea - only alpha-numeric can be used.


  5. no underscore/dash/period?

    2010/5/19 Dmitry Andrejev <>

  6. We don't use none of that symbols in field naming according to naming
    conventions we are following in In-Portal.

  7. ok, I though underscore was admissible :)

    2010/5/19 Alexander Obuhovich <>