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I propose, that we should remove depricated code, used to syncronize user
table changes and user login/logouts with external websites, like MediaWiki
and HiveMail.

We could easely find this code in user's unit files, e.g.

$sync_manager =& $this->Application->recallObject('UsersSyncronizeManager',
null, Array(), Array ('InPortalSyncronize'));

Long time ago it was added to base "In-Portal" code and was expected to be
used very frequently, however years have passed and this code is now not
more then a reminder of incorrect decision made at that time.

Best Regards,


  1. well, time is passing and thing are evolving...

    2010/12/4 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  2. Only problem is that we are not looking for code to remove just like that.
    Only when we change code near suspiceous code, then we notice it.

    Hope In-Portal could become better some day. It's already better, then it's
    first 1.0.3 version, which was the first version of it I've used.

  3. of course big improvment have been made, and now I think we should focus on
    admin design, because we have very strong functions for many things, but
    still a poor admin looking and behavior, compared to other CMS available
    actually... ok just a note, this is not the right place to talk about that

    2010/12/4 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  4. Hi Alex,

    I'll stay on course of your original post.

    I believe we should remove the old In-Portal code, but
    keep Synchronization class since it's there and coded in 5.x style. It's not
    something that should bother us much since when we need it we can use it
    while to code it from scratch is too much time again.


  5. "When we needed" haven't happened in 3 years. Also that code is called on
    every operation with user and it's just doing nothing.

  6. Let's disable it for now so it's NOT called on ever operation, but I would
    leave it in the distribution...

    It has more potential then other parts of unused code we have...