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We have common HTML code, that is used to display:

  • error message on editing forms
  • search in effect message in grids
  • data changed on editing form

I propose we convert it to "design" block and use in all mentioned placed. This block can also be useful for other purposes too. 

This is the code:

<inp2:m_DefineElement name="form_message"> 
    <table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="4" class="warning-table"> 
            <td valign="top" class="form-warning"> 
                <inp2:m_Param name="content"/> 

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  1. about error message, I'd suggest a modification I'm using in forms.elm :

    <inp2:m_DefineElement name="inp_edit_box" style="" maxlength=""
    no_editing="1" is_last="0" title="">
            <tr class="<inp2:m_odd_even odd="table_color1"
    even="table_color2"/>" <inp2:m_if check="{$prefix}_HasError"

    this way the line in error have a -nice- light red background, showing very
    easily where does the error come from.

    2010/6/21 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  2. I was talking about administrative console and the part, where error message
    text is shown on form top, not each field with an error.

    I know, that you already tried to promote your red field background for
    fields with errors, but with little luck.

  3. :) sorry I didn't understoud it was for admin side ^^

    2010/6/21 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  4. Task:

    INP-627 - Getting issue details... STATUS