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  • Direct Editing of Catalog Items and Prefixes in Content Mode
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Hi everyone,

I know spoke about this before, but never had a change to implement this. Basically we need ability to have Edit button on Catalog Items and Prefixes when working in Admin -> Content Mode.

On click it will trigger direct editing of that specific item in pop-up or modal window and on save will return to the previous page.

Places & Cases where Edit button can be used:

  1. Item Details page (ie. Product, Link, Article or any other Prefix details page)
  2. List of Items (ie. list of Categories, Products, Promo Block or any other Prefixes)


Since this "Edit" button will be returned/printed by a new Tag

  1. We should be able to use the tag within any DefineElement block (for lists)
  2. Edit button should work if it happens to be within another form.
  3. Add special "class" (ie. edit-item-button) name to this new Edit button element on the Front-end. We might change the look and feel of this Edit button to make it different from Edit Content and Edit Phrase buttons.

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  1. Hi Dmitry,

    this is a real great improvement, I like it. I also had the idea that some items could be translated "in document", the very same way as "inspector" works in Chrome, do you see what I mean? Clic on Edit button would make the text freely editable, and make appearing the needed fields, such as lang and hints, if needed.


    Le jeudi 29 mars 2012

  2. Phil, what you're talking about is inline editing, which is absolutely
    different, since you can't really inline a textarea if design of website
    doesn't allow that. Editing in a popup is more useful, since it's
    independent of website design.

  3. well, yes and no :-)

    Yes, pop-up is independant of website design, and this is the problem: No, it's not more useful, because if you can't enter more text because of a fixed container size, or because it overlap another element, using a popup won't change anything to these cases, and even worst, you'll discover that problem after saving, and thus you'll need to re-edit, and re-edit again until right text size will be found...  


  4. Interesting point too, unless actual data will be displayed in a div with a
    vertical scrollbar. Also you might need to edit a data, that isn't directly
    visible on website, like text in <title> html tag.

  5. even with a vertical scrollbar, the scrolling follow cursor and you can see what you type.

    About hidden tags, such as Title, or dropdown such as "lang", these have been addressed in my previous message: make it appearing somewhere close to edited area :)

    This would let average admin user to manage all content, without access to catalog itself.  


  6. Phil, Alex,

    I believe it's not a reasonable to have inline editing with current Admin

    In this task we are talking about ability to open up editing of Items from
    Front-end in the same way you would normally do via Admin panel catalog or

    If you not sure whether your design will fit new title or description - you
    need to adjust designs accordingly and allow entering certain amount of
    data. But again this task is about improvements for Admin user
    accessibility to manage things right from the Content mode and not just
    Title or description - there is much more - images, prices, categories,
    filesname - you name it!

    It's my 2 cents on this