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Hi guys,

we have a system to display error message near each field in error, but no
way to summarize all fields in error in form header message.
I suggest that we could retrieve fields in error inside error_message
element of forms.elm.tpl, which is something commonly seen all across the
net by the way :)



  1. We could also create a tag, called DisplayErrors, that would display all
    errors from a given form in a format:

    Field Name1: Error #1
    Field Name2: Error #2

    This would be possible by passing block name that should display each error:

    <inp2:m_DefineElement name="error_element">
    <p><inp2:m_Param name="field"/>: <inp2:Error field="$field"/></p>

    <inp2:prefix_DisplayErrors render_as="error_element"/>

    I think, that we already did something like that before.

  2. a new tag would be definitively a must.
    I think we don't need to display field name :error, as I imagine a standard
    text like:
    You forget to fill in the following mandatory fields:
    field name 1
    field name 2

    Because we don't have (as far as I know) more than 1 type of error, but may
    I'm wrong :)

    2011/11/15 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  3. There are other error types you know :). Not only "Field is required". For
    example "Invalid e-mail format".

    There 6+ types of errors total.

  4. ah, ok :):

    2011/11/15 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  5. Phil,

    Are you talking about Front-End or Admin? Sorry it's not crystal clear from
    your initial message.

    If I am not mistaken we do have or had a tag which as printing out all the
    error message, or at least I saw this functionality earlier.


  6. Dmitry,

    I wasn't clear enough on this, it's about front-end, and make forms more
    user friendly.


    2011/11/19 Dmitry A. <>