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I'd like to display more than "<inp2:n_Field name="CreatedById"/>" in news details, having a link to user's public profile like this:

<a href="<inp2:ProfileLink template="platform/my_account/public_profile"/>"><inp2:Field name="Login"/></a>  

or displaying directly selected user's detail but this doesn't work. I tried a trick using inp2:n-rev_PrintList, but no luck too.


  1. It won't be working, since there is now tag called "ProfileLink" for
    articles or article reviews.

    Most of tags, written will display info from same table only. It's most
    unlikely, that you can display info from related tables (e.g. display other,
    then Login user fields during link display).

  2. Hi Phil,

    We would recommend creating your own tags which would load Author data from
    the Article field CreatedById, or add Calculated fields to the Article with
    fields that you require.



  3. Hi Guys,

    you got my problem and the solution, but how to create my "own tags
    which would load Author data from the Article field CreatedById" ?


    2010/11/22 Dmitry Andrejev <>:

  4. You need to know PHP to do that of course. Process should consist of steps
    listed below:

       1. create new class, that will hold new tags
       2. link new class with exiting unit to be able to use it's tags
       3. write tag, that does what is required

  5. Hi Phil,

    Be more specific what kind of information you need here.


  6. Hi Dmitry,

    I would like to display writer info, from his profile (first name, last
    name, primary photo), or at least have a link to their public profile (shoud
    be easier, no?).


    2010/11/23 Dmitry Andrejev <>