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  • Display order number during checkout
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Once you place product in cart the new order is created and unique number in XXXXXX-YYY is assigned to it. I think we can display that order number on each checkout step. This could be useful if user have question about checkout process or order and he can tell to support his order number right away.


  1. this is a good idea !


  2. I would say Yes and No!

    Yes - it's helpful as Alex described it.

    No - it might confusing when you see this since the Order has not been
    really placed. May be we should show it in some particular case or call it


  3. no final decision yet... seems not urgent :-)


  4. Phil, it's not a problem to show the number, but I am more convinced it
    would make me question myself did I already purchased this/placed the order.

    Based on what I saw so far at Amazon and other retailers - NO number is
    shown to you until you place the order.

    I would leave this as is now and let store owner to decide whether he needs
    this. It's not like we are assigning someone a ticket number and he is in a


  5. Dmitry, I get your point. As I said, it could be interesting, for buying assistance purpose for example.
    But I never had such a request from my customers, then why not leaving like this.