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Hello guys,

I came to this diagram :
and I didn't understoud the step "Error During Event Processing": if
there is an error (output: yes) then inportal "Process the template",
and if there's no error (output: no), it "perform a redirect to same
template with no event"?


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  1. Hi Phil,

    When you perform some action like Register, Login and so on you actually
    submit an Event to In-Portal. In case if some Event validation fails (ie.
    field is missing or something else)  In-Portal will display the SAME
    template you saw before in order to highlight the error fields. In case if
    event is successful it performs the auto-redirect to some other page (if
    required of course). Note that Redirect is seamless and not noticed by
    users. The purpose of redirect is so user can't submit the same Event more
    then one if they click refresh in their browser for example.

    Let me know if it's clear enough.


  2. Hi Dmitry,

    this is clear, and then I think there's an error in the diagram, because the
    action to display the same template on error is on the "no error" output. Or
    maybe I don't understand how the diagram works :$


    2010/5/31 Dmitry Andrejev <>

  3. What exacty didn't you understand in sentences you've listed?

  4. It's default behavior to redirect to same template after successful event
    execution. On the other hand each event (depending on it's purpose) could
    change the actual template, where redirect goes. For example during user
    registration template is changed to thank you page inside "u:OnCreate"

    Diagram only displays default (not specific) event process flow.

  5. Hello guys,

    thanks for explanation, I got it :)


    2010/5/31 Alexander Obuhovich <>