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Can anyone send me the English files for translation into German?

Want to start this week.


  1. Hello Thomas,

    welcome to our group :)

    you can find latest lang pack here :

    Feel free to ask any question about translation how-to, file formats... I'll
    be pleased to answer.


    2011/3/30 optoad <>

  2. Hi and Welcome on board Thomas!

    I am going to update Language packs that Phil referred to as soon as
    tomorrow and include the ones with PLAIN text translation so you can
    translate directly in the file if you wish without installing In-Portal.



  3. Hi Phil,
    Hi Dimitry,

    thank you for welcome me in this group.
    I download from the link phil send, but it was just crypted :)
    Plain Text would be nice.

    We are a midsize IT Company and we install this script for sure to test the correct translation.

    After that we look forward to set up the german userguide and adminguide :)

    Maybe you can send me the PLAIN text directly if you don

  4. Thomas,

    I'd like to add some usefull infos about langpacks:

    - once imported to inportal, they can be exported in plain text or encrypted

    - langpack also contains all emails translations (emails sent automatically
    by system, such as registration, lost password, order confirmation and so

    - each installed langpack can be used for front-end and/or back-office

    - you can edit and create lang. elements (phrases or emails) of each
    installed langpack, directly from in-portal admin panel, under "Phrases" and
    "Emails" sub menu in "Structure and Data" menu

    We refer to "phrases" when we talk about translation, and label to talk
    about the corresponding label, used in theme to display a phrase.

    Labels always start by "la_" for admin phrases and "lu_" for front-end
    phrases. For example, if you translate only "lu_" phrases, you'll create a
    front-end langpack (and there is a lot more labels for admin panel than for
    front-end, then it could be usefull to translate other langs you need just
    for front end).


    2011/3/30 <>

  5. Closing due no recent activity.