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Welcome to the In-portal User Documentation group! this group is for
User Manual Documentation.  There is another group (not yet created by
Alex - "in-portal-guide" for Developers Guide

The idea here is to setup wiki-style user documentation that can be
written, expanded and maintained by this team.  In-portal will have
links - help icons ( ? ) throughout Administrative Console that will
point to the corresponding wiki pages. So we will have help that is
structured similar to the Administrative Console + additional sections
and each admin page will have a corresponding wiki help page.

People will be able to contribute, as well as comment and rate all
wiki help pages.  The goal is to get the best user documentation
ever.  Our bigges't competitor's documentation (Joomla) is actually
not that good. I think we can do better.

The documentation will be written in plain language with many
screenshots and illustrations. Eventually the translation team can
help translate it into other lagnuages.

I was thinking about creating a separate installation of wiki: or

Or we can do:

It would probably be better if it is the same as this groups'a name
(we can change that, too)

What do you think?  Let's discuss ideas for how to make the
documentation better as well as infrastrcutre, etc.

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  1. Yes, I also see this as a great possibility to Extend and Improve the
    documentation affords!

    I think -- will be good for the main reason:

    It's one of In-Portal sub-project's (same as Development, Bugs and so
    on) and needs to have it's own Home and site structure.

    I'll try to list parts that I think are crucial and should be
    separated into it's own tasks:

    1. Wiki Installation.

    Alex, what do you think about using Wiki here? Of course your help
    will be needed to setup and work out the structure for Wiki.

    2. Teach In-Portal to link to corresponding Wiki when user clicks on
    "?" in Admin.

    We'll start with a few examples in In-Portal for Proof of Concept and
    to see how it's going to work/look.

    3. Reworking current Documentation to match In-Portal Open Source and
    In-Commerce + In-Auction.

    At the same, I think we still going to have a lot of NON-linked

    Anyone else would like to comment on this?


  2. Alex, Dima, I need your technical help to decide on wiki and have one
    installed & configured for me. I may also need some help with creating
    the initial structure.

    My questions:

    1) Should we keep User Docs and Dev Manual as two separate
    installations of wiki?
    2) Who should have access to  write to User Docs?
    3) Do you foresee any problems linkin to wiki articles from In-portal

  3. Dima, Alex? I can use some help here...
  4. Dima will create task next week (23.02 - 27.02) and I will install clean
    wiki (no data) based on customized wiki code, that we are using right now.

    Alexander Obuhovich
    R&D Manager
    Intechnic Europe Ltd.
    Phone: +371 7804099
    Fax: +371 7804098

  5. Andrew, I'll address your questions.

    1. Yes, we'll have Dev. Guide and User Docs as 2 separate installations.
    When we feel like we need to start NEW translation it will be NEW Wiki
    installation in sub-folder like on Wikipedia (ie. domain/rus/WIKI or

    Alex will work out NEW Wiki (our customized one) for you this week. We need
    to decided on Location:

    Did we agree on For now this is the best in my

    NOTE: I think for us it will be better ans easier if ALL sub-projects will
    be under the same MAIN domain. As we talked before we need use SINGLE
    registration/login point for all Accounts. I'll create this in a separate
    Topic in Community Group to discuss.

    2. The nature of Wiki is done when you can NOT have Pending
    articles/changes. They all go Live right away, but as an administrator
    you'll be getting EMAIL notifications about the changes and places, of
    course. Also, there is such thing as RSS Feed for latest changes (quite
    useful too). You can always "rollback" if needed - there is such thing as
    Revisions with option to compare the changes.

    Do you foresee any problems with this approach?

    3. This has been discussed in In-B. before and NO problems will be here.

    In short how this should work:

    a.  in Admin template/page has a unique Title Preset (ie. name), so URL for
    "?" in admin will be build using that TitlePreset and link to User Docs Wiki
    b. Any Wiki page can have Special Redirect page which will be setup as that
    TitlePreset. That redirect page can be easily setup when you Add/Edit page
    in Wiki.

    In result we are getting the following: In-Portal Admin -> Wiki Redirect
    Page -> Wiki Final/Correct Page.

    Please review and let us know what you think on above.


    2009/2/22 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  6. Andrew, quick update:

    1. Clean installation of Wiki will be setup under
    by Fri (27-Feb-2009).

    2. New In-Portal 5.0 (RC) will have "?" functionality added this week
    too Fri (27-Feb-2009). We'll have to get it setup for you somewhere.

    I'll be helping you directly with linking Wiki / In-Portal stuff.

    Let me know if you have any additional questions here or on my
    previous post.