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The Marketing Team is responsible for spreading the word about In-Portal.  If you are a fan of In-Portal and have marketing or networking experience please join our group to contribute to the growth of the Community!

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  1. Click on Watch button on top right corner of the page.
  2. In the panel, that opens click on Watch all content in this space checkbox.

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Welcome to the Marketing Team!

If you have any experience or interest in online marketing, viral marketing, SEO / SEM (Search Engine Optimization/Marketing), SMO (Social Media Optimization/Marketing), or are just willing to help spread the word, please consider joining the In-Portal’s Marketing Team!

For more information on how to help promote In-Portal, please refer to the In-Portal’s Introduction to Promoting & Marketing.

Current Projects

Project NameCurrent StatusResponsible Party
Setting up Twitter AccountIn-ProgressAndrew Kucheriavy [Intechnic]
Setting up LinkedIn GroupIn-ProgressAndrew Kucheriavy [Intechnic]
Setting up Facebook PageIn-ProgressAndrew Kucheriavy [Intechnic]

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