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  • Comparison Between Magento and Oscommerce
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Hello guys,

here is an interesting post :

what I learn here is :
   - magento is more powerfull but, as I tested myself, is very much

   - oscommerce is still very easier to design

   - you can see in comments the result of these 2 things: people look
about Total Cost of Ownership

I personnaly think that In-Portal have the best of both worlds, as you
can see comparing the features in this article: our features are very
likely same as Magento (or even better), and our themes are very
likely as easy to code as oscommerce (or even easier).

The result is we surely have a better TCO, but now it's time to proove
it :)

Anyone have a good knowledge on how to calculate it, taking all
parameters in consideration?


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  1. Hi Phil,

    Thanks for posting this - sounds very interesting and I think we can learn
    quite a few things from this article.

    I'll be checking it in details during next week and will be posting here

    Anyone else is welcome to REVIEW and POST his thoughts here too.



  2. Hi Dmitry,

    I'm glad you like this view, I think MAG and OSC are our direct

    Would you like to help me creating a ROI/TCO calculator? Here is an
    interesting article about that, it could help for bigger projects :


  3. I am for it.

    Guide me through and explain what I have to do!


  4. well, this is not so hard to do in fact, here is an clear and good example:

      *Magento* *Commercial App*  *Software* Free $199 / mnth  *Support (Monthly
    - Avg 2 Hours)* $200.00 / mnth - Limited
    Included - Unlimited
     *Installation and Set Up (Hosting + Software)
    * $249.00 / one time Included  *Hosting* $49.95 / mnth Included  *Security
    (SSL)* $149.00 / year Included  *Updates and Upgrades*
     $149 / Each
    Included  *One Time Fees*  $647.00 $499 Set Up
     *Monthly Fees*  $249.00 $199.00  *TCO Over One Year*  $3,635.00  $2,887.00

    as I don't know the new support pricing rules I let you fill in the right

    I think we could detail it with sublines as follow:
    software licence
    addons prices
    setup fee

    technical support

    design integration
    payement gateway integration cost (most solutions ask $ for any CC setup)

    *server setup, monthly fees, backups fees... all related server costs (most
    of the time it's just 1 price for all services)

    I propose to do a bigger table with 3-4 competitors, I'll add some french
    ones in my version.


    2010/4/22 Dmitry Andrejev <>