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One more thought I had about marketing. If you look at other CMS
options, particularly open source ones, they don't have the
programming support that In-Portal offers. Look at Joomla for example.
A very popular open source CMS solution, but if you are a person like
me that is not a developer, the customizations I could accomplish
would be limited.

Now, look at what you guys have done to our TripTutor site. With the
exception of our site, only multi-million dollar companies have the
technology that you have implemented in our site and that's a fact.
And despite the fact that your programming rates are on the high side
compared to hiring someone through rent-a-coder or elsewhere, you know
this software inside and out and the overall cost of programming
becomes very reasonable. If I hired a rent-a-coder or local programmer
to do everything to our site that you have done, it would have taken a
year of non-stop programming and cost a fortune, not to mention I
don't think most of them would have the skills to do some of the more
complicated things that we have done..

To add to that.. I have never been told "that's not possible" even
when I expected to hear it. It seems that there is very little (if
anything) that you guys can't accomplish.

My point is that there should be a way to promote the following:
1) Your programmers (I guess I am speaking about Dmitry in my case)
are world class.
2) Joomla and many other CMS solutions do not have owner programming
support or support in general.
3) You can support the programming needs of small and medium
businesses. From a technical point of view, you could handle larger
sites, but I don't know if you are currently staffed for that or not.

Sorry for the long post. I guess my overall point is that with In-
Portal, you can pretty much do ANYTHING and for a reasonable price
comparatively. That definitely differentiates it from other solutions.

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  1. Hello,

    that's true and important to mention that the hour rate cannot be compared
    with a stand-alone coder, as it's linked to final result under In-Portal. I
    experienced custom dev needs, and the final cost was really low, only few
    hours have been needed to modify the core system and suit our needs.

    Support is also very important, that's why it's included it in the
    comparative cost table posted last week, as the total cost of a project is
    much more than the cost of base software (0$ for opensource...).


    2010/5/3 jsprague <>