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Hello everyone,

I think it's time we put together a good plan how and when we can
start promoting In-Portal.

Andrew would you please layout your thoughts so we can see what others
think of it and may be have additional ideas.


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  1. Hello,

    this is a subject I'm thinking about for a long time, and before
    marketing plan, I'd suggest the following things:

       - describing all features of each module : actually the
    1-page-per-module isn't enough for describing how powerfull they could
    be, and at least most of competitors provides more content

       - if we want to compete with existing solutions, we also need a
    comparison chart, involving 2 or 3 competitors and most of our
    functions listed

    I suggest these two points as they are the first think I'm looking for
    when I'm looking for a new software, before taking a deeper look to
    what they propose, don't you ?


    2010/3/25 Dmitry A. <>:

  2. I agree with Phil,

    Andrew, what's your take and plan of action here?


    On Mar 25, 3:52