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  • [infrastructure] Let's use Markdown in Issue Tracker
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With an increasing rate of tasks, being created in our Issue Tracker (Mantis) I'm really grow tired of typing all these long BBCodes ( to make Mantis task look as nice as formatted Google Group post I create.

I'm proposing to integrate Markdown language parser ( or it's PHP port ( into mantis instead of currently used BBCode plugin.

And it's easy to migrate all used BBCodes into new format using few SQL queries.

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  1. Sure!!!

    But is there a life Demo where we can see the end product?


  2. Here I've found a nice jQuery plugin, that converts textarea into markdown
    editor with a toolbar:

  3. Wow, this one is really nice.

    We definitely should do this in some near future!


  4. Here is the task:

    INS-20 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  5. Solved by changing issue tracker from Mantis to Jira.