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In-Portal has huge forums with a lot of interesting info and expert answers
on most common questions.
It also features a search function, so you'll always find what you need.

However there is important aspect, that forums is missing: *notifications*.

Nobody get's e-mail when a new topic is added on a forum or just in a
particular category OR when new post is added in the topic user is

I'm proposing to:

   - notify user about new posts in a topic he posted
   - notify user about new topic in a category he selects for notification

There is an In-Bulletin setting called "*Notify me about replies*" already,
but it is:

   - turned off by default
   - only sends e-mails to topic author, when new replies are received in it

I'm proposing to create special page (on front-end), where user can:

   1. check (uncheck) any In-Bulletin category, that he wants to follow
   (receive e-mails about new topics)
   2. see all topics he is following with "unfollow" option

On each topic page there will be button called "Receive Updates" or
something like it, that will indicate that user wants to get e-mails about
new posts in this topic.

I know that we have