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Why "Open Source Team" group?

Why not create this as an actual group for one of the functional groups (teams)? Like in-portal-admin? or in-portal-org ?

I suggest creating groups like this:

in-portal-bugs, etc?


  1. Yes, Andrew you had a good point.

    Thanks to Google Groups we are able Rename and change our Mailing List
    email address for this group keeping original content.

    Everyone please PAY attention that Group URL and Email has been

    Also, I have made it Public, but did NOT list in Directory of Google
    Groups for now.

  2. After some time I get the feeling that we can DROP "Infrastracture"
    from this Group's name, so it reads "In-Portal Community".

    1. I believe the Group Name and Topics are clear enough to understand
    what's discussion about.
    2. "In-Portal Community Infrastructure" might be a little too Busy.
    3. By switching to "In-Portal Community" we clearly say it's
    Organizational group and all NON-Group specific discussions go in

    I need everyones input please - Yes or No (+ comment if possible).



  3. i agree. drop the infrastructure

  4. sounds good

    In-Portal Communtiy -- sounds like general community discussion

    In-Portal Community Infrastructure -- sounds like group about building

    so depends what you want to convey

  5. Infrastructure drop is ok. ;)

    Alexander Obuhovich
    R&D Manager
    Intechnic Europe Ltd.
    Phone: +371 7804099
    Fax: +371 7804098

  6. I agree "In-portal Community Team" sounds good. I would use Teams
  7. Agreed on this. We are renaming this group to "In-Portal Community
  8. I really don't care what are the names of the groups. What we definitely
    need is a page which names all the groups and _clearly_ explains to which
    group a person should post with specific topic. Having too many different
    groups is confusing. I would prefer keep the number of groups to the
    minimum. We may spread new groups anytime later if feel that this is
    necessary. Anyway, right now and for the next couple of months there will be
    almost the same people in all the groups.


  9. This is a good point. I think that
    should list descriptions for each group, along with it's manager
    (maybe a group logo, too)

    As far as the actual groups, I think current 7 right now is the
    optimal number based on the separation of topics and areas of

  10. Andrew, Kostya,

    Thanks for your input here!

    We'll definitely have Descriptions and Team Leader's photos posted on
    "In-Portal Teams" page, but I doubt that someone will get lost in them
    - here is why:

    Our goal is to finalize and workout the optimal names that will fit
    well into whole Infrastructure. Please don't forget that we'll have
    separate Home / Wiki pages (sections) for each of the Teams and that
    Google Groups functionality is just a part of it and used purely for
    discussion/communication. We are not trying to replace home pages with

    Next step once groups are fully finalized (naming and visual) we'll be
    thinking through actual Home pages for them. This will be discussion
    in a different topic.

    Anyone is welcome to add who opinion on this!