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  • In-Portal 5.1.0-RC1 is out
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Major changes related to 5.0.4 version:

  • Upgrade script engine rewritten. Now it allows to upgrade even from 4.3.9 version (from 4.3.1 should also work theoretically).
  • Major caching engine support (xCache, APC, Memcached).
  • Improved gmail-style upload control.
  • New section icons in tree.
  • Ajax-loading sections in tree now have progress indicator.
  • Improved email event configuration system.
  • Optimized phrase and email event storage system.
  • And much much more.

Detailed issue list here:


  1. Yes, 5.1.0 is a huge step forward in terms of new things.

    BTW, Site Domains and Countries & States are new sections.


  2. thanks for the release detail and associated link :-)

    I'll carefully test it and report my results.

    2010/6/15 Alexander Obuhovich <>