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It's been some time we have ran In-Portal Open Source now and during this time gather a some feedback from our user and developers. After putting some time into reviewing all requests we have came up with the following list of additions we need to make in order to improve usability of In-Portal's Infrastructure:


Create special page with Development Snapshots of In-Portal and it's modules. It will allow users to download and test cutting edge development versions. For now snapshots will be taken on a daily basis, but this can be adjusted later.

Change Log

While In-Portal Issue Tracker has all bugs and features recorded and well tracked - it's quite advanced by it's nature and can't be used as quick reference in release notes. This brings us to the point that we need a special page on In-Portal site (probably .COM) that will list a Change Log with User-friendly entries for each corresponding release.

In order to minimize additional work. We are thinking to add a new field to Issue Tracker which will be used to store User-friendly message which will be then auto-generated from the Issue Tracker and shown on the Change Log.

Feature List

Also we need to find a way to automate the list of features for In-Portal. There quite many things that are not listed yet and some Major ones actually will available soon and will have to be included. In other words we need to reduce manual labor with updating the website. We are the programmers for god's sake, are we not? (smile)

All comments are welcome.

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