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  • Making In-Commerce module free
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Intechnic developed In-Portal has modules can be downloaded from page. All but In-Commerce module are free for download. Apparently some time ago the In-Commerce module was also made free it's possible to download it without restrictions from the page.

Problem is that license check code in In-Portal itself still considers In-Commerce as paid module and requests a license for it.


  1. on the and pages add a following banner on top: 

    License requested for In-Commerce module installation can be downloaded from page.
  2. on the page add following banner on top: 

    For a free In-Commerce license (only needed for In-Commerce versions below 5.2.2-B1) please:
    1. send e-mail to the admin at in-portal dot org
    2. click on license download link and enter needed information (if anything is asked)
    3. upload license file on the license entry step on url
  3. fix license check in In-Portal code to make In-Commerce module free

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