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  • Some critical decisions on Teams
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  1. We need to finalize the list of Groups (or Team how we call it) and corresponding managers.
  2. It's crucial decide whether we want to call them Groups or Teams.

You should be able to see/access 3 shared documents in your Google Docs. 

Take a look and give your brief opinion. I'll be adding more description there and here.

Please participate in decision making!


  1. There are no files - just the logo
  2. Attaching the files to the discussion.

    Once we workout the final version we can upload them under Files

    Please review and comment.

    Best Regards,

    Dmitry V. Andrejev

  3. I suggest we keep this group for Community Infrastructure Group (lead
    by Dima)

    and other managers open their ownr groups in the format that I
    suggested in the other post:


    We need another name instead of Noob. Any ideas?

  4. Here is what found in Wikipedia:

    Coming from an oral tradition, the term has variant spellings, including
    "newbee" (eg Los Angeles Times of August 1985: "It had to do with
    newbees. I could be wrong on the spelling, but newbees are the rookies
    among the Blue Angels...").

    The term rookie has been modified in some online communities and is
    often referred to as simply rook, as a synonym for newbie.

    In internet usage the spelling "newbie" has been the norm. The variant
    "n00b" is used as a pejorative for a user who fails to learn from

    I guess - newbie or rookie or rook.

    I like "rook" by some reason.

    Which one you guys like more?


    Best Regards,

    Dmitry V. Andrejev

  5. I am going to list Groups we need to create and person who'll be
    creating it:

    1. In-Portal Bugs Team
    Leader/Owner - Dmitry A.
    Mailing address: in-portal-bugs

    In this group please discuss Bugs already reported (or related) in a
    bug tracker, the way they effect the software and options for fixing

    2. In-Portal Development
    Leader/Owner - Alex A.
    Mailing address: in-portal-dev

    Group to discuss and plan the Development of new and existing
    features, modules and enhancements for In-Portal with references to
    Bug Tracker.

    3. In-Portal Designs & Interfaces
    Leader/Owner - Andrew A.
    Mailing address: in-portal-designs

    Group designated to discussion on development of new and existing
    Designs, templates and interfaces for In-Portal.

    4. In-Portal Localization
    Leader/Owner - Ilya B.
    Mailing address: in-portal-local

    Group designated to discussion on Localization and Translation of In-
    Portal to different languages and locales.

    5. In-Portal User Documentation
    Leader/Owner - Andrew A.
    Mailing address: in-portal-docs

    Group designated to discussion on supporting, extending and improving
    User Documentation for In-Portal and related websites.

    6. In-Portal Developers Guide
    Leader/Owner - Alex A.
    Mailing address: in-portal-dev-guide

    Group designated to discussion on supporting, extending and improving
    Developers Guide for In-Portal and related aspects.

    7. In-Portal Community Infrastructure
    Leader/Owner - Dmitry A.
    Mailing address: in-portal-org

    Group designated to discussion on infrastructure topics like websites,
    blogs, forums, constitution, bug tracker and other related topics.

    Please feel free to ask for help here on how to create groups if not
    sure. Make sure all groups are Public to view and join.

    Any questions are welcome.


  6. How about we agree on the dates when all the groups will be open?  I
    will open my two by Feb 12 (out for a tradeshow next week).

    Alex, Dima, Ilya?

    Dima, I think that ones we have all groups setup it would be nice to
    create a page under this group with the links to all other groups.

  7. Yes, I do agree - we should set a firm date by which we need to have
    all Groups created and tuned. Alex, Ilya?

    Anyone who needs assistance with setting up their group please feel
    free to ask for help.

    We definitely need to have back-links to all other groups on Group
    pages to make navigation easier.


  8. I've never heard or "rook". I like "rookie" better
  9. It's fine - let's use "rookie".

    I'll update the list of member types and post here again so we can
    review and comment further.


  10. Ilya, I think we should make all In-Portal groups look the same (etc.
    colors, logo). Let me know if you need assistance with making these
    changes to your Group or you can change my Membership status to
    Manager and I'll help you out directly.



  11. Everyone who's going to create (or created) their Google Groups -
    please use "global.png" as a Group Avatar. It's transparent In-Portal

    Also, as was mentioned before on colors - I think we need to work in
    the same color scheme.


  12. I have conformed to the orange color :)

  13. What do you thin about the following:  (short name + full name)

    in-portal-bugs - In-portal Bugs Team
    in-portal-dev - In-portal Development Team
    in-portal-design - In-portal Design & Interfaces Team
    in-portal-lang - In-portal translation Team
    in-portal-docs - In-portal Documentation Team
    in-portal-guide - In-portal Developers Guide Team
    in-portal-org - In-portal Community Team

  14. Looks like we need to run a few more votes on Group names :)

    1. What do you think about adding "Team" at the end of Group name -

    2. Change "In-Portal Design & Interfaces Team" to "In-Portal Designs
    Team" - Yes/No

    3. Change "In-Portal Localization Team" to "In-Portal Translation
    Team" - Yes/No

    EVERYONE please do a quick Vote here! (comments are welcome if any)

    Other group names seems to be clear for now.



  15. agreed.  1.yes,, 3.yes

  16. 1. No to Goolge Group  name (too kep it short) - Yes to everyewhere
    else - logos, in text etc.
  17. 1. NO. What do you think about adding "Team" at the end of Group name.

    I believe the Shorter is better. Don't see benefits in redundant Team term
    in each of 7 groups. Yes, we can refer to it as Group Name Team in message
    and logo and so on.

    2. YES. Change "In-Portal Design & Interfaces" to "In-Portal Designs".

    Similar to above - Designs would cover both Designs and Interfaces. I don't
    think you'll post in any other Group if your question/post related to

    3. NO. Change "In-Portal Localization Team" to "In-Portal Translation Team"

    In my opinion "Localization" covers translations and other Local settings
    like Measure and Weight systems/units.