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Some recent patches are involving theme modification, but the theme download is still the same v1.0.0 version, i.e. even using the latest software version, new users cannot test the software without theses bugs. (I think for example about Image tags bug, or the one about in-link and gmap, and there's surely others one).

Once again I'd propose to put in download page the latest releases, plus for now the theme is in his v1.0.0, and this don't reflect all the work you are doing on the whole product.


  1. Yes, theme download page isn't automatically updated as module download
    page. This our next step to make theme download page updated automatically
    after 5.1.0 release is out.

    You can always get latest theme from SVN. Also has download as
    Tar.Gz link in footer.

  2. ok, thanks for info and link !

    2010/5/16 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  3. Theme download page is now also updated automatically:

  4. nice

    2010/5/23 Alexander Obuhovich <>: