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  • Upgrade from 4.x to 5.0.2 issues for licensed users
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There been several contact us form submitted and some topics added about upgrade from 4.x version of In-Link/In-Portal to 5.0.2 version. It seems, that user have expired support licenses and that's why doesn't see 4.3.1 version at all, that is required to upgrade from 4.3.0 (or older) version to 5.0.2 version.

I propose we check that license is at least present, no matter expired or not and if present, then show pre 5.x versions on module download section. If we do so, then I think we should send reminder email to all interested parties or to all forums users.


  1. Hi,

    Yes, I think we should take that path since can't leave our In-Portal
    users out of the picture.

    If it's okay with you please do this change whenever you have moment.

    Please post results in the Issue Tracker under Infrastructure. Feel
    free to file a quick task there noting on the issue.

    Thanks for brining this up!


  2. I've verified that it already works that way. Every user with active or
    expired license including in-portal/in-link will be able to download all
    version required to perform upgrade.

    User, who posted that question on forum "Lemon" (registered in 2007 year)
    does not have licenses of any kind and therefore doesn't see that 4.3.1
    version. Question remains, who he obtained 4.3.0 version of in-portal
    without buying a license, but this is not relevant to this discussion.

    As I know even expired licenses are no deleted and are still available on
    user licenses page on my account.

  3. Thanks for checking on this Alex!