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How to apply patches with GUI in Eclipse - *OpenSource IDE*:

*Preparing Environment*

   1. Download *Eclipse PDT* from -
   select package for your OS from "*Eclipse PDT 2.2.0 All In Ones / Eclipse
   PHP Package*" section
   2. Unpack downloaded archived file
   3. Run "eclipse.exe" file
   4. First dialog, that appears is a question about Eclipse workspace
   5. Check "Don't ask me again" checkbox and click "OK"
   6. Eclipse IDE allows to open multiple files at once and they are
   displayed as tabs on top
   7. First tab displayed is "Welcome page" - close it to get access to main
   editor window
   8. Now there is "PHP Explorer" window on the left and opened file editor
   window on the right

*Adding new project*

   1. Press right mouse button on empty space in "PHP Explorer" window
   2. In opened context menu select "New -> PHP Project" option
   3. In newly opened window enter project name
   4. Select "From existing source" option and select folder, where project
   source code is located
   5. Click "Next"
   6. If "Finish" button became available, then click it or click "Next"
   again and then click "Finish"

*Applying patch*

   1. Right click on project folder in "PHP Explorer" window
   2. Select "Team -> Apply Patch"
   3. Patch apply wizard window will be opened
   4. Step1: select patch file and click "Next"
   5. Step2: select folder to apply patch to (if needed)
   6. Step3: review files to be packed and see, that there are *no red cross
   * *icon* near them
   7. Step3: when there are errors about missing files in patch, then
      - you can skip particular file patching OR
      - change target patching folder
      8. Press "Finish" button

*NOTE:* This topic has been moved from Applying patches using Eclipse PDT<> (posted
by Alex O.)

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