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I have came across nice JS script for making table columns draggable

Would be nice to have integrated in In-Portal Admin Console?


  1. Here is a good resource for this with many examples - most use JQuery
    which is good news.


  2. Hi,

    of course this is a nice feature, but the most interesting isn't about
    dragging table, but sorting: what a pleasure to have sorting in just a
    clic, when actually we need to wait for Ajax to refresh page on in-

    Changing column doesn't seems to me the most important operation, but
    sorting can be used on a daily basis.


  3. Ajax sorting is currently available only for catalog any other grid which
    displays "Loading ..." sometimes. There is a global plan to convert all
    grids to ajax here
    it's not for sorting alone, also for search/filters, pagination and so
    on. Looks handy and attractive, but it's not implemented yet. Should improve
    administrative console speed, because it mostly consists of grids.

  4. Hi Phil,

    Not to upset you but Sorting isn't the best idea with JS and we
    shouldn't be considering it as an option for replacement since we are
    planning to support BIG sets of data and not 20-50 rows with 3 columns.
    In our cases we are talking about 500 per page and it can be tens of
    even hundreds pages with many columns which will never work. For that
    reason we are going to implement Ajax as Alexander pointed out.

  5. First of all if something is done on jQuery it's not the thing, that we want
    above all. It's easy noticeable, from your posts (in this discussion)
    Dmitry, that you don't like that column picker popup very much, but please
    consider the following:

       - with drag and drop approach we are unable to move several columns at
       - user's are not moving column every day, so we load moving code only,
       when user is really tries to move
       - with drag and drop approach we need to load additional drag and drop
       processing code every time page is loaded no matter if dragging is going to
       be performed
       - in case if you have 100 rows and 100 columns displayed how you exactly
       imagine dragging process to the end of list (especially if it's not visible)

  6. Hello guys,

    It's a nice techno showcase to drag tables and toggle columns on/off,

    - as Alexander and I said before, we don't use this function everyday
    (but rather 1/month to re-arrange all new products for example)

    - if we have a toggle on/off, it's the same as the actual column
    picker in another design flavor, because you'll need to display all
    available columns, then putting the column picker in a drop-down menu
    (as labels in Gmail ^-^) will do the thing, am I wrong?

    - Filters functions are far more important than others discussed
    before in everyday use

    - as we are talking about sorting and filters, let me note that
    "numbers of item to display" menu is really too much far away, we need
    clics and precise mouse pointing to stay in the drop down menu and
    select what we need, this should be in direct access. this function is
    also used everyday !


  7. About number of items to display:

    Do you have any idea where we can put that "items per page" selector to be
    more accessible? Also related to pagination is grids do you think that's it
    useful in case if we have more, then 50 pages? For example I saw pagination
    that looks like this:

    "<< < 1 ... 5 6 [7] 8 ... 55 > >>", where first and last page is always
    displayed and middle part is changed. Dots ("...") are shown only, when
    there is gap between first/last page related to nearby page (e.g. 1st and
    2nd doesn't have a gap, but 1st and 3rd does).

  8. Hi everyone,

    1. I see you guys don't like the idea of improving Admin Grids. I am
    trying to push it in right now - I think we can address this along
    when we'll be converting to Ajax grids, but it's just something that
    can make our Interfaces and usability stand out among others.

    2. About pagination, Yes and again Yes:

    a. it's too far right and you have to catch it while it should be
    handy and at LEAST at the bottom left corner (total can go to the
    bottom right).
    b. I like the idea about having last page available if there are more
    then 10. I can add that instead of "..." we can have a drop-down or
    small input field so User can enter page number directly.

    What's you feedback on this, plus how hard is to implement?


  9. A lot of information all mixed together without examples. About new feature
    placement I'm not sure, we already have a lot of info in left (totals info)
    and right (pagination) bottom corners. Please provide example of what you
    are proposing including data we already have at the grid bottom.

  10. Okay here is some visual:

    1. I would recommend to Pagination to the left and Totals to the right side
    (switch around). see attachment


    2. I would recommend change Pagination in the following way, see 2nd
    screenshot (  at the bottom )


  11. 2nd solution seems very useful and it combines totals information and
    pagination and per page controls. What about pagination above the grid in
    top right corner? Shall we keep it in old format or it would be also in new
    format, but without totals information?

  12. To be honest I like the whole setup how it shows Pagination and Counters
    info too...

    What about you guys?


  13. So what about pagination bar on top right corner?

  14. Hi,

    I like very much how flegrid works, this is all-in-one tool perfectly
    for browsing whole catalog.
    As tool is powerfull, we should maybe put it on the top of listing in
    "Show all" mode, what do you think?

    About "number of item to display", this is also included in flexgrid,
    and I was about to propose a drop down menu before reading Dmitry's
    post, perfect :-)


  15. It looks cool, but there are some major features, that must be present in
    any replacement (if any) to current grid script:

       - ability to always show column headers during scrolling;
       - ability to have N number of non-scrollble horizontally columns (like
       Freeze Panels in Microsoft Excel);
       - ability to have more columns, that are visible with horizontal
       scrollbar, that will reveal hidden colums;
       - ability to have checkbox/radio button column in each row;
       - ability to place images into cells;
       - ability to wrap text in cells to keep moderate row height.

    Most important of course is ability to have more columns, then are visible
    in viewport (that was a problem in In-Portal 4.3.9 and below). Maybe we can
    extract some ideas from that flexigrid, but total move to it could be really
    hard to implement.

    On the other hand we might consider using interface libraries like Ext.Js
    and so on, where all type of controls are implemented and web page will look
    like windows xp.

  16. Hi guys,

    1. Yes, agree with Alex - it's not an easy task and we shouldn't be
    just redoing Grids at this moment.

    I call that we update our Pagination so it's easier to work with if
    it's more doable... Alex what you think, how much time can it take to
    have functionality we have on my prev. post?

    2. I have checked on Ext library and it looks very powerful in all
    directions. I am not sure if it has it's own framework. I am just
    afraid will end up with JQuery and 2 other frameworks and it will be
    even bigger disaster for us.


  17. Of course this can be a mess, but I'd like to give you my opinion on

    Before willing to use the top-notch technology, with it's hundred of
    code lines, we could try tu use the best of the actual tech.

    In the features list done by Alexander, it seems to me that we could
    perfectly do the job using CSS for the tasks listed by Alexander. CSS
    can be very powerfull and could lighten the code (with a little but of
    js for switching some css properties ^-^), and last but not least, it
    act faster than any Java tool, as it's directly intrepreted by the
    browser kernel.

    Am I right?

    I follow all new techs like jquery and mootools, it's great
    demonstration of Java knowledge, but in everyday needs, there are
    really not essential, it just smoothes menus, but they are like metal
    painting on a car: beautifull, but expensive and of no use for
    driving ;-)

    If you folks want to play with JS, then the only killing app you could
    do will be a local client for in-portal, and here is the resume: get
    rid of network lags, no more waiting times in everyday tasks, update
    all your catalog in few clics and keep a local and safe copy of your
    DB. Do you think community would love this? No, they just could become
    addicted :-)


     On 8 f

  18. If you understood you correct Phil, then I also agree with you on interface
    matter. People love nice looking things, but when it looks nice and doesn't
    provide the amount of needed functionality, then people will leave it as
    quick as they find out about that.

  19. yes, was we are in admin, it's better to focus on efficiency and easy-
    to-use technology.

    I also say that most of the tasks you have listed can be achieved just
    using CSS properties, what do you think?

  20. I'm not big expert on CSS3 advanced techniques, could you please list what
    exactly of my list could be implemented using CSS without javascript and
    will work in all browsers. I don't really understand how scrolling stuff and
    fixed columns could be realized like that.

  21. well, I wasn't thinking about CSS3, but rather displaying row and columns
    using CSS rather than tables. Once we are using CSS, we can use "visibility"
    and "display" tags to achieve it. I can send you an online example if you

    Here are CSS tags I propose to use:

    - ability to always show column headers during scrolling;
    - ability to have N number of non-scrollble horizontally columns

    Using "display: fixed;" for selected css ID. (It suppose all lines are given
    an unique CSS ID when generated)

    - ability to have more columns, that are visible with horizontal scrollbar,
    that will reveal hidden colums;

    I don't understand this :-D

    - ability to have checkbox/radio button column in each row;

    is there any problem about that?

    - ability to place images into cells;

    thanks to "background-image" (to stay CSS compliant, and not to use "src
    image" in html)

    - ability to wrap text in cells to keep moderate row height.

    using "width" and "height" for the cell, browser do this, isn't it?

    maybe my ideas are too much simple, may you could tell me what I've missed
    in this scheme?

    2010/3/3 Alexander Obuhovich <>:

  22. Event in design tips there is a tip, that you must use tables to display
    tabular data (which is this case). Try to resize window to make is smaller
    and see, that table case will work, but floated divs will jump under each
    other. That's why i'm not so quick about using float divs in administrative
    console interfaces at all.

    On Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 2:45 PM, Phil ..:: ::.. <

  23. Bump here, we need to review this and possibly finalize into specification.
    Then file a task.

    Are you ready to pickup where we left off?