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  • Button color doesn't match other colors used in administrative console
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All administrative console is in light blue color, but button is in yellow
color with gradient. That buttons have migrated unchanged from old In-Portal
interface used in 4.x and previous In-Portal versions.

I propose to use blue or alike color and remove gradient (see attached

Best Regards,

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  1. this is actually easy to locate buttons using yellow, but if it's well done
    it could be also good in blue...

    I personnaly think that all interface would need a more "actual" looking:
    all things could remain at the same place, but elements style could be
    updated... just look at magento interface for example. Users's trust in
    application relies on design only, as they don't read the code, the more
    this design looks actual, the better it'll be.

    2010/5/1 Alexander Obuhovich <>

  2. Thanks Alex - looks better, but I would say we should add some more effects
    / looks to it.