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Welcome to the In-portal Design and Interfaces group!  The purpose of this group to work on designs and interfaces for In-portal and infrastructure.

One or the first things I'd like to discuss is the looks of the Google groups that we are creating for each team.

I put together logos for each of the groups + one for future use:

My suggestion is to color code teams (with the use of logos) and custom color schemes in each group.  This will help to visually distinguish them in listings, as well as when a group is loaded.

You can downloads the graphics here:

As far as the look and feel of each group. It is under Group settings


  1. Group Logo - has to be 42x42 on a transparent background 
  2. I did a custom look for my groups. If you need help designing the group, invite me to yours and give me management access - I will set it up for you. 

Please let me know what you think of the logos!


  1. Anyone? It feels lonely in this group....:)
  2. Andrew, I'm here, and you called my group "Translation Team"!
  3. Yes, Ilya is right - I think we haven't decided on renaming Localization
    to Translation yet.

    Voting is till up and I we need to see more opinions.

    Andrew, how hard would be to adjust the text so we have both Options
    available for review?


    Best Regards,

    Dmitry V. Andrejev

  4. It will cost you a lunch.  :)

    You guys decide! I think Translation makes more sense but whatever is
    more common in the indsutry.

    Let me know!

    What's up with other groups, are we going to recolor pur in  the

  5. translation makes more sense because you can't mistake it for anything
    else...there's only one meaning,.  which is not the case with
    'localization', even though localization sounds fancier

  6. I'll trade that lunch with you on the beer you own me for hosting
    services we got from Viconline ;)

    We have more things to do then just to translate - we need to make sure
    we correctly do Tax calculation since it's different in EU and US and
    other things. I can really list minimum 3-4 which would related to
    locality. It's not that I don't like Translation - I just think
    Localization is broader term that we should utilize to otherwise all
    localization questions will be going either in In-Portal Development or

    Also, I saw Localization term in other projects pretty often these days.



    Best Regards,

    Dmitry V. Andrejev

  7. All the Groups were setup and I am working on helping Alex with getting
    his 2 groups up to date.

    Google just banned me from their Groups website for working too hard on
    the Home page design/text :)



    Best Regards,

    Dmitry V. Andrejev

  8. Andrew would you please adjust NAME of your Group to reflect our
    common standards.

    "In-portal Design & Interfaces" => "In-Portal Design & Interfaces"