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I am new here and want introduce myself. My name is Aleksandr and i'am 24 years old, born and living in Ukraine, Zaporizhya. I am impressed with in-portal project and want to be a part of dev team, i hope my skills will be useful, cuz i have great passion to make cool things in Photoshop, like making modern website designs, interfaces etc.


  1. Welcome aboard.

  2. Hi Aleksandr,

    welcome here, and thank you for joining the group !

    Did you had time to test In-Portal, and do you have any questions? If so
    I'll be pleased to give you answers.

    Do you have any thought on our product, about front-end or admin design?


    2010/10/26 Magic <>

  3. I just want a help with design, because is the best thing i can do :)
    And i think we can start with redesign of admin panel. About front-end
    i like it. And time... to be honest i am have a lot of work, but i can
    spent my free time on in-portal.
  4. Hi Alex,

    Welcome on board and thanks for joining In-Portal community!

    We are glad to see all new faces and ready to give you a quick
    orientation if you feel it's needed.

    Let us know if you ready to start so we can all start discussing
    Design / Interfaces part for In-Portal here.



  5. Alek told us he want to work on admin redesign, we were discussing before
    about that, and I think it's a really good idea. We have many great
    functions which would deserve a stunning design!

    2010/10/27 Dmitry A. <>

  6. So why we stop discussion? Please give me link to admin panel i must
    look it first.
  7. hello,

    you can install inportal to have a local copy you can play with, or look at
    demo link I've sent you by private message.
    Let me know if you need any help with install.


    2010/11/11 Magic <>