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  • Announcing In-Portal BUG Tracker --

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We are proud to announce fully functional In-Portal Bug Tracker --

... .

Bug Tracker is build on latest version of Mantis with many useful plug-
ins such as:-

  • full SVN integration (automatic Status change with Commit)


  • Searchable Changeset history


  • ViewVC integration


  • Roadmaps


  • Tag Clouds


  • Time counters and more

It's been setup to run In-Portal CMS as main project and all Modules
as Modules as sub-projects. 

Currently all development is already using this system so all issues
that you'll see there are active.

All issues in In-Portal CMS and other Open Source modules such as In-
Link, In-News, In-Bulletin are open to the Public to view.

Proprietary modules - In-Commerce and In-Auction are setup as private
subprivate sub-projects and viewable to the Intechnic team only.

At the moment you have to Register in Mantis system in order to Report
and Update Issues, but shortly this will be replaced with Centralized
Registration and Login that would work as part of In-Portal.NET and In-
Portal.ORG websites.

I encourage everyone to have a look and those of you who wants to get
involved (report, test, develop) to start using our new Bug Tracker --