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  • [in-commerce] Credit card type detection method typo error [5.2.1-RC1]
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The OrderHelper::getCreditCartType method has typo error ("credit cart" instead of "credit card") which makes it invisible to IDE auto-complete.

The method itself was added in  MINC-81 - Getting issue details... STATUS .


  1. rename "OrderHelper::getCreditCartType" method into "OrderHelper::getCreditCardType" (+fix all usage places)
  2. add "OrderHelper::getCreditCartType" method (yes, old name) that would (to preserve BC):
    1. have the "@depricated" annotation in DocBlock
    2. trigger silenced deprecation notice telling that "OrderHelper::getCreditCardType" method should be used instead
    3. return result of calling "OrderHelper::getCreditCardType" method

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1 Comment

  1. Need to:

    1. use PhpStorm's automated refactoring to rename method safely
    2. use website in a way to trigger renamed method call