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  • Broken pagination links in search results [5.2.1-RC1]
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When "using pagination control (e.g. changing pages between 2nd and 3rd and back) on search results pages URL transforms into very big string where the "sort_by" URL-parameter value is duplicating many times.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install clean In-Portal copy with Advanced theme from SVN-repository
  2. Install In-newz module;
  3. Make sure that Advanced theme is primary on your In-Portal installation;
  4. Go to admin part and create 11 articles (in my case there were articles with title "Lorem ipsum");
  5. Go to front-end part and in left "Search" side box type request which definitely find your all 11 articles ("Lorem ipsum" in my case);
  6. On "Articles Search Results" go to bottom of the page and click "More..." link;
  7. On this page click on link of second page of results. Query part in address bar of browser will change to something like this: " http://localhost/in-news/articles/search_results.html?sort_by=Relevance,desc|CreatedOn,desc&page=2";
  8. Goto bottom of this page and click on link of first page of results. It transforms query part in address bar to something like that: " http://localhost/in-news/articles/search_results.html?sort_by=Relevance,desc|CreatedOn,desc|CreatedOn,desc";
  9. Click again on link of second page. Our desired part of request will be like that: "http://localhost/in-news/articles/search_results.html?sort_by=Relevance,desc|CreatedOn,desc|CreatedOn,desc|CreatedOn,desc&page=2".

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