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  • [in-link] Getting out of memory on the Link detail page [5.2.1-RC1]
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Each In-Portal module offers 2 basic templates for the items that can be created within that module:

  • list template - lists all items within a category
  • detail template - shows details about individual item

The In-Link module has improved that system by allowing an end user to specify (in the CustomTemplate field in database) a per-item detail template override. Technically this is done by placing DisplayDetailTemplate tag into the actual detail template. Then tag will decide whatever the default or the user override template needs to be shown.

Problem is that in that tag, we're processing given template name not via <inp2:m_Include template="..."/> tag, but via <inp2:m_RenderElement name="..."/> tag. In retrospective it turns out that this was very bad idea, when the include template as another m_Include/m_RenderElement tags on it. Here is a fix:


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  1. See if problem happens at all time or just at random times. To test:

    • create 2 custom link detail templates (based on in-link/links/link_paid.tpl) and add some distinctive word to them
    • create 3 links (one uses regular template, other 2 have newly created templates specified in their CustomTemplate field in Link table)
    • open each of 3 link detail pages to see if a problem can be repeated
    • apply proposed fix anyway (regardless of fact, that problem can be reproduced)
    • see that all 3 templates still work after fix was applied
    • create patch and task