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  • Change url format for debugger links [5.2.1-RC1]
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In-Portal has nice debugger panel that where all information about page generation is collected. Later it can be reviewed by summoning debugger on any page via F12 shortcut to "Show Debugger" button. Almost each information in debugger has link back to a file, which cased that information to be added to a debugger (e.g. link from where SQL was invoked for Database Queries).

Right now these links by default point to file:// protocol to be later opened in the IDE with the help of Firefox's Launchy extension. This is all past now, since PhpStorm now officially supports phpstorm:// url (see To celebrate that I propose that we change default DBG_EDITOR_URL setting value for debug.php from 'file://%F:%L' to the 'phpstorm://open?file=%F&line=%L'.

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