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  • [caching] Unable to use "m_Cache" tag with "c" unit [5.2.1-RC1]
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When using <inp2:m_Cache key="prefix:c,p"> ... </inp2:m_Cache> on a page, then cache gets reset once in 2 page visits. Here is why:

  1. each page tracks which units where used on it to automatically determine when it's cached version becomes stale after DB data change (in PageCacheKey field)
  2. it turns out, that if a unit output was completely cached, then it's no longer present on a page (because it goes from cache) and that triggers PageCacheKey field update
  3. that in turn triggers all "c" unit based cache reset, including one with cache key from above
  4. set of used units used on page changes and that triggers item2 and we're in a loop of infinite cache reset = no cache used


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