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  • [In-Commerce] Allow "u" to override any of it's data, when needed [5.2.1-RC1]
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Hook to the OnAfterConfigRead event of "u" (user) unit form the "addr" unit has type hAFTER (is invoked after event being hooked to). This makes it impossible for later mentioned event to override any of changes made by the hook itself.

That hook type should be changed to hBEFORE to solve that problem.


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  1. Gleb Sinkovskiy [Intechnic], could you please do following:

    1. recreate patch from In-Portal repository (right now SVN revision listed in patch doesn't match one, used in In-Portal repository)
    2. create task in JIRA and back link it here (under Related Tasks)
    3. investigate all hooks to OnAfterConfigRead event across all units and see if you can transform them be to hBEFORE as well (be careful with that, verify, that all still works after you've changed hook definition)