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  • [unit configs] Create CLI version of Unit Config Validator [5.3.0-B1]
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There is nice "Reset & Validate Config Files" button on "Tools > System Tools" page in Admin Console that allows to validate all unit configs and detect various common errors in them, e.g.:

  • no "Prefix" setting
  • database field configuration doesn't match one from associated MySQL table
  • no virtual field for found calculated fields
  • and much more

This validator is useless unless developers really start using it after making any change to the unit config.

I propose that we make following changes to the validator:

  • support for running from CLI (will return non 0 error code, when validation errors discovered)
  • support for specifying folder to scan for unit configs (not all system as for now)
  • ability to export findings in CheckStyle or any other report format supported by Jenkins

When this is done, then on each Jenkins build we can ensure that all unit configs are validated and corresponding errors clearly visible to everybody.

Example of web-based validation report can be found at [unit configs] Unit config validation errors [5.2.1-RC1].

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