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  • [cms] CKEditor doesn't use Front-End theme stylesheet [5.2.1]
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CKEditor is main instrument to populate regular CMS website with content. The CKEditor is so useful, because is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, but that no longer applies, when theme's stylesheet file not located at "inc/styles.css" path.

I propose to:

  1. create "Stylesheet File" field (optional) in each theme
  2. in each theme user can enter actual stylesheet file location (relative to theme folder)
  3. if no stylesheet file entered, than default location of "inc/styles.css" will be used
  4. add setting in "_install/theme.xml" file, that would allow to define path to stylesheet file within that theme (will come in handy when theme is auto-added during install)

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