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In the  MINB-20 - Getting issue details... STATUS  we've created system that would allow user to subscribe for future updates (via e-mail notification) on:

  • individual topics
  • topics within selected categories

Unfortunately what we forgot to implement is:

  1. automatically subscribing user to a topic on which he adds a new post (only if he isn't topic owner)
  2. list on Front-End where user can unsubscribe from any of notifications he is receiving

I think subscription management list might look like this:

-- Updates in Categories --
* [ ] Path > To > Category One
* [ ] Path > To > Category Two
[Unsubscribe from Selected] [Unsubscribe from All]
-- Updates in Topics --
* [ ] Path > To > Topic Category > Topic One
[Unsubscribe from Selected] [Unsubscribe from All]

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