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  • [debugger] In-Portal Debugger Improvements [5.3.0-B1]
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Historically the debugger component of In-Portal (one that is shown on F12 press and has yellow/pink reports) was built to be independent from In-Portal core:

I think that we should make it more In-Portal friendly by:

  • moving out debugger into separate namespace
  • extracting profiler component out from debugger
  • include jQuery from CDN when jQuery variable not present on a page instead of duplicating code locally
  • store debugger runs in database for easy management
  • record several debugger runs per page (main page + all ajax requests)
  • unique request key is GET+POST+URL+REFERER (for ajax requests)
  • associate ajax requests back to main page from which it was made so we can see whole requests together
  • don't delete debugger report after it was viewed
  • redesign debugger UI to allow seeing ajax request reports as they are created
  • create separate sections in debugger for following (see below) instead of mixing all together:
    • error/warning/notice
    • request data
    • external requests (curl, db, memcache)
    • other

Basically we're going into Phabricator-alike DarkConsole tool:

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  1. While looking at I've found a solution (see on how we can track all AJAX request made on a page without changing a lot in AJAX request itself:

    1. in debug mode only, when debugger report is saved to database (e.g. in DebuggerReports table) set "X-Debug-Request-Id" header with ID of request in DebuggerReports table
    2. in JS on main page (as part of Debugger JS class):
      1. add listener1 method via "ajaxSend" method of jQuery (see to allow tracking each created AJAX request
      2. in listener1 increment number of tracked request on the page and set listener2 via "jqXHR.aways" method of jQuery (see to know, when AJAX request finishes
      3. in listener2 get the "X-Debug-Request-Id" header value of response and add link to viewing that AJAX request-specific debugger report

    As a bonus feature that would allow to have AJAX-request counter in debugger toolbar, which is updated in real-time, like done in Symfony.