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  • [system log] Fatal errors are not stored in log [5.2.1]
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System log is designed to log all errors, that happen during script execution. Unfortunately fatal errors, that are not displayed to end user are never logged.

This happens due exit; statement after fatal error message is displayed in the kHandlerStack::_displayFatalError method:

protected function _displayFatalError($errno)
   $errno = $this->_getFatalErrorTitle($errno);

   $margin = $this->Application->isAdmin ? '8px' : 'auto';
   echo '<div style="background-color: #FEFFBF; margin: ' . $margin . '; padding: 10px; border: 2px solid red; text-align: center">' . $this->_logger->toString($errno) . '</div>';

I think that we should take approach from [debugger] Debugger blocks fatal error/exception tracking by System Log [5.2.1] and only exit if we're not already in register_shutdown_function callback. The fix for [system log] Special template for fatal errors and uncatched exceptions [5.3.0-B1] should add that applicationShutdown flag I'm talking about here.

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