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  • Create setup issue dashboard in Admin Console [5.3.0-B1]
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If there is a misconfiguration issue in In-Portal, then some sections report this, but some don't. For example when you enable Scheduled Tasks through CRON, but forgot to add that CRON agent, then nowhere it can be detected that it doesn't work anymore. As a side effect of that particular issue expired session are not deleted and you can have dozens of temporary editing tables and sessions sitting in database without a reason.


Do this, like in Phabricator:

  • create a list of what is considered a setup issue
  • for each item in list create class that is able to detect it and show fixing instructions
  • when logged-in as Administrator (user from "admin" group or "root" user) then show banner on top of each section you visit saying "You have setup issues. Please resolve them [here]" (here is a link to new page)
  • add a page under Tools called "Setup Issues" where people can see open setup issues
  • maybe allow to ignore an issue if user knows better

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