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  • [in-commerce] Stuck backorder flag for auto-fulfilled backorders [5.2.1]
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In-Commerce features basic product inventory tracking, which allows to create orders with products, that are not yet in stock. After processing orders, that contain products not in stock will be displayed on "Backorders" tab instead of "To Ship" tab:

Such orders can be processed in 2 ways:

  • directly adding qty to stock of individual products, that will cause order to automatically jump from "Backorders" to "To Ship" tab
  • indirectly adding qty to stock by denying orders, that block necessary product quantity and pressing "Process" button on "Backorders" grid to transition that order

In more complex scenarios there can be orders, where some of products are fully available (or don't have stock tracking enabled) and some others are not fully available. In that case the "backorder flag" is set for later products to distinguish them in order product list:

After such order is processed the mentioned backorder flag should disappear, but it doesn't.

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