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  • [deployment] Trait usage results in fatal error during deploy [5.2.1]
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Traits were added in PHP 5.4 and allows to make great decisions, when it comes to improving application architecture.

From In-Portal perspective traits look like regular classes, that can be:

  • added
  • registered within a factory
  • use in other traits/classes (file containing used trait will be automatically loaded)

Although I've noticed a side effect, which leads to "Trait '.....' not found" fatal error, when rebuilding unit config cache (that happens also on the deploy) in case if a newly added trait is used in the sub-class of UsersEventHandler class. Also it wasn't clear how that class is invoked in deployment process. This is what happened:

  1. the "adm:OnStartup" event was fired as part of "kApplication::Init" method call
  2. one of the hooks to that event was "u:OnAutoLoginUser" event
  3. that resulted in "UsersEventHandler" class (or it's sub-class, when available) being included
  4. that triggered new trait lookup

All that was happening before new unit config cache (that contained that trait location on disk) was saved to db/memcache.


  1. introduce "full_init" flag in URL (enabled by default, but not visible in any url)
  2. when present call the "adm:OnStartup" event
  3. pass "full_init=0" flag value when:
    1. doing deploy (from CLI and WEB)
    2. doing any other action from "Tools > System Tools" section

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