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  • [in-commerce] Product reservation happens for Processed orders [5.2.1]
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When saving order in Admin Console an attempt is made to reserve all used product quantities in that order regardless of order status. In particular this creates problem for Processed and other read-only order statuses where as part of processing "OrderItems.QuantityReserved" column is set to 0.


Don't attempt to reserve order products during order Save in Admin Console for orders in following statuses:

Order StatusWhy Don't Reserve
Deniedbecause, when order is denied it's reserved quantity goes back to stack


because, when order is archived it's reserved quantity goes back to stack
Processedbecause, when order is shipped it's reserved quantity is set to 0

In general we might skip reservation for order content isn't editable (<inp2:ord_OrderEditable/> tag returns false).

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