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  • [cms] Redirect to "Browse Mode" after content block save [5.2.2-B1]
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There 3 website editing modes available in Admin Console:

  • Browse Mode - you can see how users are seeing website
  • Content Mode - each editable content has orange "Edit Content" button next to it
  • Design Mode - page elements can be rearranged via drag-n-drop

Unfortunately if user was editing content longer than 20 seconds, then instead of going to same editing mode (e.g. "Content Mode") he/she was before start of editing he/she was returned to "Browse Mode".

Here is what happened:

  1. user opened content block editing
  2. each 20 seconds automated AJAX call was made to notify user if any other user started to edit same page to avoid data loss
  3. that AJAX call unfortunately messed up session information about last opened window
  4. when user saved content block he/she was redirected not to page he/she was editing previously but to some other page


Don't let that AJAX call ("page-revision:OnGetInfo" event) use "m_opener" of "d" value.

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