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  • [cms] Using multiple "AdminEditButton" tags for same item doesn't work properly [5.2.2-B1]
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Sometimes there is a need to place 2 or more item edit buttons (via kDBTagProcessor::AdminEditButton tag) for same item. Internally the kDBTagProcessor::AdminEditButton tag will generate same form name each time, resulting in only 1st form being submitted regardless of which button was clicked.

File 'db_tag_processor.php'
$form_name = 'kf_' . str_replace('-', '_', $item_prefix) . '_' . $object->GetID();


Append CRC of tag params to the $form_name variable:

Updated form_name generation
$form_name = 'kf_' . str_replace('-', '_', $item_prefix) . '_' . $object->GetID();
$form_name .= '_' . kUtil::crc32(json_encode($params));

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