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Over the years at Intechnic we've developed quite a few custom functionality, that isn't super useful in In-Portal core, but can be used as standalone module for whoever needs it.

It includes:

  1. ability to get user information from it's IP (paid service by MaxMind) (projects: rPLS)
  2. ability to get lat/lon coordinates by given address (free service by Google) (projects: rFSI, rPLS)
  3. ability to build "get directions" link on Google Maps for given "from address" and "to address"
  4. ability to build sitemap.xml file to be indexed by Google WebMaster Tools (projects: rVIC, rEBN)


I propose to create "Helpers" module in 0.1 (means unstable version) and put all that in there.


It's ok by me if we create a closed source version of module at first (at Intechnic repository) and then open-source it once it becomes stable enough.

Related Tasks


  1. The "sitemap.xml" generation however sounds like a useful feature to have in Core as well.

  2. I support the suggestion let's create JIRA task for this work / discussion

  3. In which project? Maybe we should create new project since we're creating new module. Then JIRA key for project would be "MHEL" (M - module, HEL - 1st 3 letters of module name).

  4. I would suggest to use MHLP. Let's move forward if we have agreement here

  5. On the other side I've looked at Minimize In-Portal Core with ability to download/update Modules online and we might want to go that way instead:

    • look at core and decide what can be extracted into which modules
    • reconsider module dependency checking scheme to avoid releasing all modules together when one of them is released


  6. I've created separate discussion about Google Sitemap integration: Google Sitemap support [5.3.0-B1].