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  • Adding placeholder text to content blocks [5.3.0-B1]
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The content blocks are essential part of In-Portal CMS. The idea is simple:

  1. take page with static HTML
  2. replace variable part of text with <inp2:st_ContentBlock num="x"/> (x is replaced with any number)
  3. go to Admin Console
  4. switch to "Content Mode"
  5. added tag would be displayed as "Edit Content" button, that once clicked would allow to enter dynamic text

Turns out, that when there are several content blocks placed together, then it's pretty hard which one is used to display what when no content is yet entered and you see several "Edit Content" buttons next to each other.


  1. add the "placeholder_label" parameter to the <inp2:st_ContentBlock/> tag, that would contain phrase label
  2. when content block is empty AND we're in "Content Mode", then show specified phrase translation instead to help user understand what needs to be done

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