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  • [cms] Impossible to change look of <inp2:st_AdminEditButton/> tag [5.2.2-B1]
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There 3 possible use cases for <inp2:AdminEditButton/> tag:

  • to edit content block (called internally by <inp2:st_ContentBlock/> tag)
  • to edit current page (called internally by <inp2:st_EditPage/> tag)
  • to any any item on the page (called directly by <inp2:AdminEditButton/> tag itself)

They look like this:

For the "Section Properties" button it's impossible to:

  • change it's text
  • change it's color
  • change it's icon

It's impossible to change "Edit Content" text, but this problem is addressed separately in [cms] Unable to change text of "Edit Content" button [5.2.2-B1].


  1. pass "button_icon",  "button_class" and "button_title" parameters to "st_AdminEditButton" tag call made from "st_EditPage" tag
  2. the code, that sets these parameters in the "st_AdminEditButton" tag needs to be removed

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