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  • [cms] Move out custom plugins out of CKEditor [5.3.0-B1]
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The CKEditor supports adding plugins from any location and not it's own "plugins" folder (see!/api/CKEDITOR.plugins-method-addExternal). There is also a tutorial about that on page.


  1. create the "/core/admin_templates/ckeditor_plugins/" folder
  2. move all custom plugins (folder name starts with "my_") from "/core/ckeditor/plugins/" folder to it
  3. change plugin registration in CKEditor config to use "addExternal" call instead of "add" call

This would give us following benefits:

  • each In-Portal module can add any plugins it needs
  • during CKEditor upgrade no need to worry about accidental custom plugin code removal (due complete folder overwrite)

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